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All process parameters are monitored and recorded.

Stringent compliance with requirement of calibration of process instruments and measuring instruments with NABL accredited outfits.

The quality and process manuals are backed by excellent infrastructure.

The following testing equipments are available in-house:

A complete Chemical Testing Laboratory for checking incoming raw material as well as chemical composition.

Universal Testing Machine for measuring physical properties of the components/ material like Tensile Strength and Yield Strength with chart recorder.

Hardness Testing Machine for checking hardness of castings.

Fluorescent Dye Penetrate Checking facility.

Ceramic Shell Modulus of Rupture checking machine.


In addition to the above, the following testing done with third party outfits which are NABL accredited:

Impact Strength Testing.

Radiography.( X-Ray and Gamma Ray)

Ultrasonic Testing

Metallurgical Microstructure analysis.

Magnetic Particle Testing.

Spectrometer based chemical composition checking.

CMM checking.

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